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The Berkeley

Over the past century, The Berkeley Retirement Home and Nursing Center has touched thousands of lives in the Greater Lawrence, MA area. Our residents come to a home filled with love and caring, where they can live out their days, no matter what their medical needs.

Nursing Home Administrator caring for a resident
Assisted Living Residents enjoying an afternoon of fun and refreshments

Residents who enter as independent living residents can trust that when they need a greater level of care that they will always have someone there, by their side to provide that care. They never need to leave their home.

At the Berkeley, we serve as men and women for others, providing care for all in need, regardless of income. Anyone is welcome. We pride ourselves on serving and welcoming all the elderly in the Greater Lawrence area.

The Berkeley's beautiful onsite chapel

Our beautiful onsite chapel has been a source of strength and reflection over the years and continues to provide residents a place of peace and tranquility.

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